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  1. Mazda CX‌-30 Versus The Competition
    Please give me your opinion. I am driving a mazda cx30 and i want to know if i made a good or the best decision.
  2. New Member Introductions
    First time Mazda owner here, and so far I'm loving it more and more everyday. I was instantly sold on the CX-30 due to it being in my price range and the premium feeling interior, though we could only get the select version, I'm happy with my investment and I'm ready to pour more money into the...
  3. Mazda CX‌-30 General Discussion Forum
    So as requested by other members on the forum I am doing my in depth comparison review so hang on with is going to be long.. lol and grammar is going out the window.. One week almost of having my Brand new Mazda 3 100th anniversary edition sport and i am in love with it... in fact allot more...
  4. Mazda CX‌-30 General Discussion Forum
    Theres been threads on this but they all go nowhere. The premium model and up have the signature iner rear taillights, the Preffered and down do not. I have a preferred because frankly i find the brown leatherette trim to be ugly. Wondering what it would take to turn on the inside "signature"...
  5. Mazda CX‌-30 General Discussion Forum
    Hey all, fairly new to actually caring about the details of vehicle dynamics so bear with me if this is all basic stuff or if I'm way off base. Anyways, I'm looking at getting some wider tires with a good balance of ruggedness and performance, and I think I've settled on the Vredestein Quatrac...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Former '18 CX-3 owner, have always been a fan of the small SUV/car/truck fusion (at least when done right). Fun, controlled heavy winter conditioned driving has always been a necessity for me. Less than 6" of ground clearance gives me constant anxiety, and as a fan of mountain sports the stress...
  7. Mazda CX‌-30 General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase CX-30, and I came across a great deal on the 2019 model (GT Plus + All wheel drive, Automatic gearbox, Sound + Luxury + Safety packages) for 31K EUR. Car is brand new, 0 kilometres on the odometer. What are your thoughts? Is there anything I'm missing with going...
  8. Mazda CX‌-30 General Discussion Forum
    did you guys notice. Rear Window Wiper Seal is missing at the back where the glass or its just me
  9. Mazda CX‌-30 Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Even with the current pandemic ongoing, Mazda New Zealand debuted the CX-30 online in New Zealand. Will start at $41,490 for their GSX trim, $44,990 for the GTX and $50,990 for the Limited. Expect CX-30 Takami to push the sticker closer to $60k...
  10. Mazda CX‌-30 Videos
    Great video that specifically covers the new Mazda Connect System that's in the CX-30.
  11. Mazda CX‌-30 Videos
    I really like the approach Mazda has taken with their commercials for the CX-30. The really make the CX-30 look sleek and elegant on the roads.
  12. Mazda CX‌-30 General Discussion Forum
    Mazda has revealed that the CX-30 has received 5-star safety rating in frontal crash, side crash, and in overall vehicle score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA)! Take a look at the full results here:
  13. Mazda CX‌-30 General Discussion Forum
    Mazda has released their sales numbers for March and the CX-30 sold 2,242 units, making it the second most popular model behind the CX-5! It's moved ahead of the Mazda3 and CX-9.
  14. Mazda CX‌-30 General Discussion Forum
    Autotrader has released their list of the 12 best new cars for 2020 and the CX-30 has made the final cut. It made the list along with vehicles like: 2020 Chevrolet Corvette 2020 Ford Expedition 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid 2020 Hyundai Palisade 2020 Hyundai Sonata 2020 Jeep Gladiator 2020 Kia...
  15. Mazda CX‌-30 Pictures
    What does everyone think about these photos of the CX-30 with lowered suspension? I wish this was someone's actual car but it's well done rendering. The roof rack is a really nice touch too.
  16. 2020+ Mazda CX‌-30 News
    Mazda has just announced that they're suspending production for at least 13 days at their the Hiroshima Plant and Hofu Plant from March 28 to April 30. They're also suspending production in Mexico and Thailand. "Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation, our production site in Mexico, will shut down...
  17. 2020+ Mazda CX‌-30 Reviews
    Autoblog tested the CX-30's cargo capacity to see if it can handle more luggage than the Mazda3.
  18. Mazda CX‌-30 General Discussion Forum
    Hi Experts, any advice on what type of gas to put in my Mazda CX-30 Premium Trim (87,91,93) don’t want to unnecessarily waste money by putting Premium gas (if it makes no difference in the long run) also amongst the gas companies, any recommendations which one are the better one’s (I see the...
  19. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! Just joined this forum today on Feb 17th 2020. While it was a tough decision to move away from Subaru. Our plan was to just go for a test drive both CX-5 and CX-30 (on a colleagues insistence), but we ended up buying the CX-30 the same day, as it was so much fun to drive (I...
1-19 of 19 Results