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  1. Mazda CX‌-30 General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I just bought a new car Mazda CX30 2023 Selec. And I want to buy a dashcam for it. Is there any dashcam that have a big screen that have live view function yhat can view the car from back through rear camera on the dashcam screen? I know there are mirror rear view dashcam have that...
  2. Great Deals
    I’ve been desperately hoping they would make one of these for the Cx30. I have one for my Tacoma and it’s AWESOME! Built in OEM (looking) dashcam. No wires or extra crap hanging on your windshield. No screen going on and off. it records to an SD card and is viewable on your phone through the...
1-2 of 2 Results