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  1. Mazda CX‌-30 General Discussion Forum
    Anyone knows the native resolution of the screen? Can't seem to find it anywhere. Having issues with Android auto with my nothing phone 1 so decided to try the carlinkit 4.0. Works well but the screen is squished in only taking half of the screen. Can't seem to get the proper resolution. Either...
  2. Mazda CX‌-30 General Discussion Forum
    Hi guys! Just bought my CX-30 this week. I'm loving it, I want to install the navigation sd but the dealer doesn't sell it in my country (Paraguay). And cannot find the SD with Latin America maps on the internet, only USD/MEX/CANADA. Do you guys know if I buy the USD/MEX/CANADA I can then...
  3. Mazda CX‌-30 Videos
    Great video that specifically covers the new Mazda Connect System that's in the CX-30.
1-3 of 3 Results