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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, Traded in my 2023 Mazda 3 for a white CX-30 Turbo this past December. Already love this car, and just starting my mod journey. Right now all siI’ve done is added a grill to the rubber cladding at the front, got the floor wall lighting OEM added as part of my purchase deal, and...
  2. Mazda CX-30 Modifications
    I just ordered this kit: 69-6035TC Link (got a better price on though and available Affirm payments are always nice). Anyone else have it? Apparently it fits 2019-20 / 3 2.5L ... which at this rate we have all figured out most things that fit the 3 are same as CX-30. Just hoping not...
  3. For Sale
    Hi all, I'm selling my Corksport Short Ram Turbo Intake (Black silicone pipe and black filter) and its accommodating Corksport SRI heat shield. I'm selling it because my insurer will not cover this modification and unfortunately I'm not willing to take the risk here. The items are brand new and...
    $550 CAD
1-3 of 3 Results