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CarsDirect has published an article that shows that CX-30 lease prices are the same as the lease prices for the CX-3.

Which begs the question, why lease a CX-3?

In base form, the 2020 CX-30 is listed at $205 for 36 months with $2,999 due at signing. That's based on an MSRP of $23,000 with destination and equates to an effective cost of $288/month based on 12,000 miles/year. Mazda offers vary by region but this is a deal we're seeing in places like Los Angeles and New York. In San Francisco, prices are $10 higher but still identical.

Curiously, Mazda is advertising the exact same pricing on the 2020 CX-3 Sport (screenshot below). While the CX-3 does gain some important features for 2020, it's still an older vehicle with less cargo space (17.8 cu. ft. vs. 20.2), less power (148 hp vs. 186), and has just a 3 mpg difference in fuel economy (31 mpg vs. 28).

So why is the CX-30 such a better deal?

Manufacturer incentive data show both are eligible for a $360 lease discount in the areas listed above. However, a closer look reveals that the CX-30 has a slightly lower interest rate and benefits from a higher residual value. Higher residual values typically translate to better leases for consumers.

On paper, the CX-3 is Mazda's most affordable model. However, those planning to lease may find the CX-30 to be a much better value based on current prices. With a whole lot of advantages and the exact same cost to lease, Mazda doesn't appear to be giving shoppers any good reason to pick the CX-3 over a CX-30.

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