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2020 CX-30 GS FWD, Snowflake White
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On the 2020 Canadian GX and GS models (not sure in the US), it states that these models are "Navigation-ready (requires navigation SD-card accessory)" which is good, however the amount they want for this SD card with maps on it is a staggering $569!!!! How on earth can they justify this kind of charge just for a $15-$20 SD card with software on it, it's unbelievable! Why would anybody pay this kind of charge, it's just ridiculous!

You can purchase a Garmin for about $100-150 with free lifetime maps. I currently have a 5" Garmin with North American and European maps on it, which I make good use on for long trips.

I was really getting into this new model till I came across this massive charge - what a rip-off and starting to put me off this vehicle! I wouldn't pay any more than $100 for this accessory, any more it's just not justified.
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