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Thank you for joining us.

The following is a basic outline of how to make the best of our forum whilst you find your feet with a few hints and tips for those unfamiliar with forums. If you have a question or a problem with your CX-30, the quickest and easiest way to get this answered is to complete the steps below BEFORE asking your question:

We are an English-only forum so only posts in English are allowed. If necessary, translate it in Google THEN post the English version (y)

We require an updated profile and an introduction from all new members. This helps to protect the forum from spammers and unsolicited sellers.

First, Update your profile, model and year and location like this:
  1. Go to top right, click on your avatar then click on Account Settings
  2. Then in Location field, enter your ‘Location’ (The town and country you live in).
  3. In Vehicle Details: enter your CX-30 details.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Save
This helps everybody, especially if you have an issue with a particular model of the CX-30.

Next, post an introduction. It is like starting a conversation by saying 'Hello'. If you're wondering what to say, take a look at other members introductions. Some are detailed, others are short. But remember, do not post about issues in the New Members area.

The main areas of the forum are shown here with a short explanation of how they are used:
There are many other forums all of which can be seen by clicking on the Forums icon to the left of your Avatar.
If you want the latest posts on the forum, click on the New icon to the left of the Forums icon.

Our Moderators can move posts if you make a mistake, so don't panic if you get it wrong.

Finally, Be patient. The person who has the best answer may not be online daily.
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