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Can’t find a battery replacement

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The CX30 OEM battery appears to be woefully inadequate. I can’t even keep a charge overnight and it’s a 1 year old 2022 cx-30 tpp. Looked online and can’t even find a battery to replace it with. Autozone and Napa no luck. Anyone know where I can find a premium AGM battery to replace this thing with?
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I have admittedly been a bit paranoid about my CX-30 battery after all the problems I had with my 2020 TNGA-gen Corolla SE sedan & random battery failures (3 different batteries in 2 years). But, so far no issues after 13 months & counting with my 2022 CX-30 CE - knock on wood. :p I live in southern, AZ where the heat can potentially kill batteries sooner, but my 2015 Yaris SE hatch 5-MT original factory battery was still chugging along fine for 4 years & 60K miles before vehicle was crunched by a careless driver in an accident (& I traded it for the 2020 Corolla after it was repaired).
Seems as though this one fits our CX-30 (if it fits a 2021 then it should also for 2022 version). I was thinking about upgrading my factory battery at the 24 month mark.

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Mazda and batteries are an old story... I had many Mazda3s, higher trims - 2004 GT, 2009 Mazdaspeed, 2012 GT and 2015 GT. All of them needed at least one battery replacement and I live down south where temperatures rarely get below 40F. It is something that if you love Mazda you have to learn to live with. Other than that I love my Mazda's. Now in process of buying a 3 Turbo Premium Plus knowing that this will happen again.
Seem like a common problem with all automakers & newer cars these days. Barely adequate (cost cutting) factory batteries provided for newer "tech-bloated" vehicles that sport more passive/parasitic draw than ever. My new-gen TNGA 2020 Corolla SE had all sorts of OEM battery failure problems (3 new batteries in 2 years). My older-school tech (but better vehicle) 2015 Yaris SE Toyota was still using its original factory battery 4+ years into ownership without issue.
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