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This is a general review about car covers all from my past experiances.

Some covers can cost an Arm and a Leg others are worth their weight in gold and still many other are junk .

The selection of a car cover should not be taken lightly as they are not all alike , some are light wieight and blow around in the wind which makes hard to install , there is a wind limit to all covers and removal not an easy task in the wind

I can not advis how you manage with snow and ice pile up. Pleasee tell me ! stay in side and watc add on tv.

If the car cover get wet what do you do to solve that problem.

I store my car cover for my old CX3 in the boot.

I can not stress the importance of correct fit and the cover must nearly touch the ground.

We have found the two people trick when dressing and undressing the car , single handed , you will have a fight on your hands if it is windysay 15 to 20 mph is our limit .
Some high end car cover cost lots of money ,the question is will they last any longer. that is what you pay for quality som e come with cable and locks. Don't ask !
I can buy 3 summer polly car covers they dont keep the heat out just the UV. like mine fot the cost of a fancy cover .
The car should be clean / dust free before fittind the cover to avoid scratching, I have thought on that for another post.

The question is how long does any reasonable person expect their car cover to last after all it is a
and all the rest over coat and subject to wear and tare for a car.

frankly i think that Sun does the most damage ,when it is raining it is better to have the car cover off.

Have fun on the internet looking for the best car cover to suit your requirements the reviews are good to explore.

Flolding car cover MR. A. to the rear Mrs .B .to the front.
Fold the sides into the middle over twice .
Mr A roles the rear end of the cover to the middle of the roof
Mrs B roles the front end of the cover to the middle of the roof.
Mr A picks up the cover and binds it up and places the thing in the boot or a large carbahge bag if wet .

Somers Court is the name of our cottage .
Donald ,is the name my parents gave me .

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I've never bothered with one. If the cover touches the pain the wind could move it around scratching the paint. If it's on poles or steel pipe it could get torn in the sometimes high winds or falling tree branches. If I cared to prolong the pain that much to extend the life of the car I'd likely invest in a car port or garage. In two years I'll have the down payment for my house. I'll insure it has a garage so I can do my own maintenance, seasonal tire switching and keep it and my next vehicles out of the weather.

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Thank you for your response to my car cover post .
All the best getting your new house.
I would not delay the home buying process as home prices escalate faster than most savings plans .
I wish I had a double car garage car .
One half for the car and colectables in the other space what ever is left.

Retired home mortgage officer.
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