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I always get all-weather floor mats for my autos, either OEM or aftermarket mats, for two reasons:
  1. Rubber floor mats are just MUCH easier to keep clean than carpeted floor mats.
  2. Having like-new, pristine factory carpeted floor mats helps resale value quite a bit in making the vehicle seem impeccably maintained. Upon resale of the car, the (better) rubber floor mats then pay for themselves and I might even use them again in the next auto (if they fit).
That said, I'm glad to have received my Mazda all-weather floor mats (and cargo tray and cargo cover) with less than 200-miles on the odometer before the factory floor mats show any major wear. I was shocked to see my factory carpeted floor mat (driver side of course since it gets the most use) already beginning to fray and unravel. Maybe just a single defective carpet or maybe a sign of poor quality and short lifespan, I don't know. The factory carpets will be vacuumed, bagged, and safely stored away in case I ever sell the car.

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