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Center console making clicking noises.

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Hi all. I thought I would post a solution to a problem I ran into. When lifting my center console armrest it would make clicking noises. It turned out that the armrest shifted slightly to the driver side of the car on its hinge and was not making good contact with the white gear that is used to keep the armrest opening smoothly. I fixed this by pulling the back of the center console (the rear vent cover) straight back to remove. From there you can access the armrest hinge. I installed a zip tie to the passenger side of the hinge and by doing so this will keep the armrest engaged with the white gear all the time. If you look at the picture I posted you can see the zip tie on the right side of the hinge. You can also see all the slop in the hinge that allows the armrest to shift to the driver side.
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Is this not covered by warranty? Same thing happened to my car today 🥲
Im sure it is covered under warranty but was easy for me to fix.
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My car has got the same problem than yours, I asked to fix it under warranty as I was servicing the car. But they seem to have fix it just by moving the armrest to the passenger side. It works but without any washer or spacer, the gear can easily go out from the small white gear - which it did quickly !
I may try your trick, I didn't know the back of the console could easily be pulled out. I was more thinking of a thick washer / rubber gasket to prevent the armrest to slide towards the driver seat ?
A washer would require you to take the hindge pin out with the spring and put it back together. I did that (before I realized the easiest fix) and it took extra time and skill. A zip tie does not require anything but to remove the rear console panel and slide the zip tie in a your done.
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