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Changed my allegiance from Subaru to Mazda! Loving CX-30!

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Hello everyone!
Just joined this forum today on Feb 17th 2020.

While it was a tough decision to move away from Subaru. Our plan was to just go for a test drive both CX-5 and CX-30 (on a colleagues insistence), but we ended up buying the CX-30 the same day, as it was so much fun to drive (I guess partially our old Subaru crosstrek is to blame, it is one of the most reliable cars, but truth be told not at all fun to drive).
To top it off, the luxury features (memory seats, power rear tail, speed display on mirror etc.) made the decision easy for us!

After 2 weeks of owning and driving CX-30, it is safe to say that we are blown away!
Can’t find anything to even slightly crib about!
This has been by far our best impulsive purchase!
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Hi Himanshu, welcome to the group and enjoy your Mazda (y)
I agree with it being fun to drive, although I have known that about Mazdas for many years. At first I figured it was just the RX-7 and Miata but after I rented a Protege and found out how much fun it was compared to the Civic and Corolla, I started recommending friends and family to always check out a comparable Mazda. And with the great exterior designs, luxury inspired interiors, and the fun factor, I recommend Mazda to people looking at higher line vehicles. I recently had someone get a CX-30 instead of a Lexus UX after I mentioned that they should try one and they were so happy that they talked to me because they were set on the Lexus. And it is not that they didn't like the UX, but felt that the Mazda was pretty close in luxury, more fun to drive, and cost less.
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