Hey Everyone,

I had a custom dual single-chamber muffler axleback exhaust system made locally for my CX-30 Turbo, but due to some other projects that came up, sold the car! Of course, I pulled the axleback off and it's up for sale. Some key notes:

  • ALL technical details, features, pictures and sound videos of the system can be found in my thread here: Custom Axle-Back Exhaust Project for 2021 CX-30 Turbo
  • The sound is VERY subtle. Think of an OE+ style system... It's bassy and rumbly at idle and low load driving without overpowering any other noise, then at speed it just moves exhaust gas with an angry hiss(also not loud and often drowned out by wind noise)... No Drone. If you want something that's always loud or screams at full throttle. This isn't it.
  • Mileage - I don't even think I put 500miles on this exhaust. It's nearly brand new.
  • Bolts up to your FACTORY midpipe and utilizes 2 of your 4 hanger locations.
  • Exhaust has been VERY, VERY carefully packed (see pictures below).
  • Price: $300 + true cost of shipping/duties, etc

Let me know if you have any questions at all! Please see photos below:

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Packaging: foam layer, bubble layer, cardboard layer, then all negative space stuffed with cardboard then packaged into a box.
Light Wood Yellow Comfort Hardwood