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As the owner of 2017 CX5 GT, I have been generally happy with the buy. After going out and testing a couple of CX 30s, select and premium, I wanted to put in my 2 cents on how they stack up.
The 30 is better driving, better power with less engine strain (not talking turbo 5 here) and much better handling. The 5 is composed and comfortable. The 30 is that too but much more fun to drive.
The 30 is quieter by a slight margin, especially less engine noise. Ride quality is not much different, though I did notice just a bit of low speed clomping over concrete expansion joints in the 30. Maybe due to twist beam?
Even at the same price, never mind a savings of several thousand, I would chose the 30 over the five, but that is because the interior space in the 30 would be plenty for me. Some (like my wife) might require the five's bigger cabin.

Anybody else familiar with both care to commit?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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