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CX 30 Windshield sunscreen

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I purchased a custom Mazda CX 30 accordion style windshield sunscreen. When in place it provides complete coverage and keeps the temperature down. However I returned it because it was very thick, heavy and a hassle to put in place (had to twist the rear view mirror to get it in position). It also can’t be stored in a door storage bin and takes up a lot of space wherever you choose to put it. Anyone else have this shade and what’s your opinion of it? And does anyone have a recommendation for something else that works reasonably well for the CX 30? For me the ease of putting a shade in place, that fits reasonably well and is easy to store (fold up style probably) trumps having the perfect fit and good looks of the CX 30 shade. A lot of options through Amazon but I’d rather get a direct recommendation rather than make random choice. Thanks in advance.
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over my last three vehicles (first one had the larger windscreen than the last two) I used the same cover - a two sectional flexible shade for the inside that you twist into about the size of one foot pizza and easily stores in the pocket behind the passengers seat. It's light, easy to put in place, and fold up, doesn't mark anything and very compact. It's silver on one side and black on the other.
I knew it would be a tight fit since that is the way the shade is for my Miata, but it fills in the entire glass, is heavy duty, and really works well. I put it and the high wall floor mats in our CX-30 last night while my wife was asleep and she was happy to see them this morning. She did text me to say that she had to move the mirror to get it to fit but I reminded her that is how we it works in my Miata and that it fits better than any aftermarket one that we have used in past vehicles.
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