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My dealer has not yet received the US or UK manual which they intended to annotate to make it compatible with Thai models of the CX30. As I explained earlier, it is taking weeks for parcel post to arrive in Thailand. The system is not like that of western countries.

However, the dealer is now arranging for all test drives for potential new customers to include an explanation and demonstration of the safety features available on Thai models so that there is no longer confusion on what is or is not included. I-stop, lane departure, automatic braking etc.

The task of organising this is being assigned to the Thai lady who was trained in Mazda Hong Kong. She, from the very start, was the only staff member who appreciated the failings that had become obvious in their selling methods. Because of Mazda Japan's involvement and concerns, she is now able to expedite these improvements in the sales department.

So, it's a win-win situation. I get a lifetime warranty. The selling techniques are improved for future customers. Thai management does not lose Face. I have access to her if any problems arise in future.

Because the annotation of the US or UK manual would have been completed by the Sales and Service managers, it may not have been that helpful or accurate anyway. They had already demonstrated they weren't that up to date on the Thai specification of the CX30 and were giving misleading information.

The atmosphere is still very friendly whenever I visit and, as I said before, they even took me out to lunch. The lady trained in Mazda Hong Kong was not invited. I thought that petty but Thailand is very hierarchical and male-oriented.
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