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Driver seat comfort

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Does anyone have complaints about long duration seat comfort? Normally, i have zero issues with seats . My cx9 and my gti had excellent seats where i could drive easily 400 mile legs with zero back discomfort. I find with my cx30 premium that after an hour and a half my back is killing me. No amount of sear or lumbar adjustment seems to correct this. I especially find this off as the seats in the cx9 are excellent.
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I've had no issues with the drivers seat in the CX-30.

Granted, my longest trips have been in the 4-5 hour range (no stops), but I've had no complaints.

Prior to this car, I had a RAV4, and I experienced wicked sciatica on trips longer than a half hour. So as far as I'm concerned, this set of wheels is a dream.
I'm 6'3", 205lbs....not all seats fit me.

I'm so glad that the salesman who handled my purchase let me drive the car for a couple of hours. I was able to get it out on the highway as well as rolling country roads. More importantly, it gave me enough time to play around with the seat position and find out if the sciatica I suffered from would show up in Mazda seats as opposed to the shitty RAV4 seats.

So far so good, though I'm thinking of taking a road trip to Texas in October and it is in the back of my mind that I could just be lucky up to this point.
I just finished a 2800 mile roadtrip.

Three, seven hours days out; and one, 22 hour day back.

I had no issues on either leg of the trip. No hip, or back problems to speak of. No sciatica flair ups in my bad leg either.

Had I tried to make this trip in my previous vehicle (RAV4), I would have been crippled by the end of the first day.
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