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Driver seat comfort

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Does anyone have complaints about long duration seat comfort? Normally, i have zero issues with seats . My cx9 and my gti had excellent seats where i could drive easily 400 mile legs with zero back discomfort. I find with my cx30 premium that after an hour and a half my back is killing me. No amount of sear or lumbar adjustment seems to correct this. I especially find this off as the seats in the cx9 are excellent.
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I will admit the CX30’s seats are not the best I have sat in, the best were my recent Volvos. Many things can be done to try and find that comfortable position you/we want. Additional lumbar support, different positions of the seat bottom and/or back, fore/aft, but in the end as has been stated everyone has a different shape and maybe this vehicle just doesn’t fit your frame.
So I suppose it would be wise for future prospective buyers to consider extended test drives to determine if they are comfortable. I mean for me a vehicle being the second most expensive purchase I make next to buying a house, I make sure I know what I am getting into before signing on the dotted line.
My uncertainty in buying the CX 30 is how it will perform once the winter arrives and we get 6 months of slippery road surfaces.🤔
I have the same issue; only I can't stand it after 20 minutes. Its like a huge bump or rock under your butt. Hopefully its just a couple of cars and they can replace the seat to fix it!
Pretty hard to build a seat that fits every different shape of mankind. (Although Volvos are close).
For every one complaint here there are likely more than ten times that amount that don’t have an issue.
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