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2021 Mazda CX-30 Select AWD
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Just clocked at around 1250 miles. Passed initial inspection without a hitch, no complaints from me so far - everything works and behaves as expected, if not better. Anyways, here are a few pictures from our travels - enjoy! :)

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It looks great man! Nice photos.

Браво! Много готини снимки!

CX-30 2021 2.0 186HP AT FWD
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How are you enjoying the car so far? Any issues?
I probably enjoy it more than I should :) absolutely right choice for me and it doesn't hurt that it's a head turner 👀

w.r.t. issues, or just noticeable "incidents", so far i have these:
  • 2 low battery warnings at 3.2 & 3.8k miles;
  • i pulled out too quickly once, while she was still sorting out the process regarding leaving park and brakes were unresponsive - a bit scary there for a moment;
  • key-less lock - more than once, I have returned to an unlocked car. I then noticed that sometimes it wouldn't detect the key leaving the car, possibly because it was in my pants?;
  • parking sensors - sometimes they turn on too late, rarely on the "first line", more than not on the second or even third. This happens when parking, not with minor obstacles i.e. posts. Also, it would turn on randomly while in a congestion, e.g. on the border. Nothing at all at first and after 20 minutes, beeps for 45 seconds, stops. Could happen again after 5 minutes, or not. Weird. Sometimes only turning off the sensors helps;🤐
  • I pushed it a bit in M mode on a mountain pass which is quite well known to me and the poor thing just gave up on all safety systems, including TCS and cruise control. I managed turn on TCS after a few miles of regular driving but that is it. Regained all functionality only after I stopped for refuel and the engine was off. I haven't read anywhere about it, or spoke to the service, but I assume it's expected behavior?🙄
  • Issues with Android Auto, but those popped up recently and cannot rule out an update to Android system via play store. In any case frustrating, as it became unusable.
  • p.s. I also wouldn't bother with wireless charging unless you spend a lot of time in the car (it is too slow) and unless you've put in an organizer, as it makes the whole console unusable in terms of storage.
Otherwise, again, this car suits me just perfectly, my only regret is that it's not AWD. Next one 😅😁
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