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2020 Mazda CX-30 GS AWD with Luxury Package
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Got my car in august and it came with firmware version 11018. I’m assuming the dealer made sure all software was up to date before giving me the car however I see some of you had installed a 12002 firmware version. Not sure where to find it or if it’s applicable to all cx30 (turbos and non turbos). Is there any site where I can view and download this version and is it also applicable to North American CX30’s.

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The dealerships would update the software on the infotainment only if there are any issues with it. We used to have access to a repository previously where all the latest versions were available, but it has been taken down recently.
You can tell the dealership when you take the car for service that the infotainment system sometimes acts funny or glitchy, may be they will update it for you then.
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