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2020 CX30 Touring, Vision, SnowflakeWhitePearl
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Just under 2 months ago I picked up a 2020 ex-demo CX-30 Touring in Snowflake Pearl White as a second car (primarily for my wife to use as a daily driver. So much safety and useful tech included as standard, it wasn't even a question to go for something else within the price range!

In Australia we have 4 'trim levels' - and some variations available with AWD and different motor sizes. They are:

Pure - base model
Evolve - adds paddle shifters, 18 inch wheels and rear seat air vents
Touring - adds advanced keyless entry, black/brown leather interior and electric driver seat, auto dimming driver mirror
Astina - adds ALH, vision package included, bose sound system upgrade

Given the relatively tight availability compared to other models, I got a pretty good deal pre-EOFY for my ex-demo white Touring model with vision pack included. In Australia the Vision Package adds driver monitoring, FCTA, CTS, front sensors, the 360 cameras and a front camera. So stoked it was optioned with this- makes such a big difference.

Have already had a good read of some topics and found some very helpful information on these forums. Bought a few bits and pieces as small additions. Looking to hardwire my dashcam at some point that is currently installed cleanly but using the mid compartment cigarette lighter for power, hence parking mode does not work :(. I am reluctant to tap into any harnesses though, particularly the recommended ECU harness where the wireless charger takes power from- fearing I may void my warranty.
I plan on asking Mazda to grant me access to ACC power during the first due service though- hopefully they oblige!

Look forward to sharing information, and any help that I can give here.



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