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CONNECT UPDATE FIRMWARE 7th Gen from 2019~ onward,
Message me for your private download link only, Inc your Mazda's Model, Year, your Country.
Links will not be posted in forums.

ALL DETAILS UPDATED BELOW from July 18th, 2022.

File Description example for North America market.
CMU 7000C0A-NA03 11048
  • CMU = Unit
  • 7000C0A-NA03 = Model ID
  • 11048 = Software Version
NEXT Generation (2019 ~) Genuine Mazda CONNECT Firmware is here...
EU** is for Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand.
NA** is for North America, USA, Canada, Mexico.
4A** is for GENERAL R.H.D - L.H.D, Except Hong Kong and Macau.
HK** is for Hong Kong and Macau.

These SINGLE .kwi File are ONLY for Mazda 3 (BP) and Mazda CX-30 (DM) MX-30 (DR) CX-50 (VA) , CX-60 (KH) also specific 2021~ CX-5 and CX-9.
Can Not
be used in the Original Mazda/MZD Connect of 2014-20xx or 6th Generation model.

You can not rename the downloaded new File whatsoever.
You can not have ANY other file or files or folders on your flash drive to do install.
CX-60~ uses USB 'C' Flash Drive port (Can not use any USB 'A' adapters).

You must only have the correct ONE single .kwi file on a FAT32 ( < 32 GB) Flash Drive, file CAN NOT be in a .zip or .rar format... ONLY in a .kwi

IF still having issues of CMU not seeing USB Flash Drive do a full format clean of Drive.
Put a small <16GB USB Drive in Windows 10 PC, go to Start, This PC, RIGHT Click on the Drive, Select Format.., Select FAT32, Select Start, click OK, all files on Drive will be Deleted and Drive Re-Formatted (cleaned).
Copy and Paste new Firmware file ONLY on Drive, remove from PC and try in your car again.

IF you are using any MacOS PC to download file then that will also corrupt your Flash Drive as Macs adds hidden files onto flash drive and car CMU will not see the .kwi file.

MAZDA ONLY supports MS-Intel Windows 10 64bit OS and is used by all car makers for Diagnostic and Maintenance UPDATES in their Automobiles.
Apple (Mac) systems is not supported or used by any car brands in Service Departments or for Diagnostics, period.

CMU_7000C0A-NA01_12002.kwi * NON Turbo Engine. Mazda3 and CX-30 Before July 1st 2021.
CMU_7000C0A-NA02_11036.kwi * MX-30 Only.
CMU_7000C0A-NA03_11040.kwi * CX-5 + CX-9 2021 on with 10.25 inch center display.
CMU_7000C0A-NA04_12002.kwi * TURBO Mazda3 + CX-30 TURBO Before July 1st 2021.
CMU_7000C0A-NA05_11014.kwi * CX-50 (VA) North America ONLY.
CMU_7000C0A-NA06_12012.kwi * Mazda3 and CX-30 Turbo Built AFTER July 1st 2021 to present also with TCU (Telematics Communication Unit).

CMU_7000C0A-EU01_11000.kwi * Mazda3 and CX-30.
CMU_7000C0A-EU02_11028.kwi * MX-30 Only.
CMU_7000C0A-EU03_10028.kwi * CX-5 + CX-9 with 10.3 inch center display.
CMU_7000C0A-EU06_12004.kwi * Mazda3 and CX-30 from VIN 300001 ~
CMU_7000C0A-EU07_14004.kwi * CX-60 (KH).
CMU_7000C0A-EU10_110***.kwi * MX-30 Only from 2022 prod date (file NA yet).

CMU_7000C0A-4A01_10047.kwi * Only have this version.

_1***.kwi Do not have any copies.

The NA** file is for North America ONLY.
The EU** file is for Europe/UK/Australia and New Zealand.
The 4A** file GENERAL R.H.D - L.H.D except Hong Kong and Macau.
The HK** file is for Hong Kong and Macau.

Do this to find out what Version NUMBER is running in your car now..
1. Turn the ignition to ACC or ON.
2. Select ”Settings” on the Home screen.
3. Select “System Setting”.
4. Select “System Information”.
5. Select “Version Information”.
6. See 'System Software': version number eg,10016 or 12001, etc
If your cars NUMBER is Below those for your Country and Car Model shown above then you can UPDATE to a later and better version.
No, I do not have Changelogs for every update change.


Full Install instructions are provided and is very easy to install.
Usually your Mazda Dealer does not update Firmware unless you complain of a specific issue.

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The process is to fix problems and issues associated with Firmware or Software that is running in your Mazda Connect.
As stated you can see what Version number you are currently running and what Mazda offers dealers today, if the Number in your car is Lower that what is currently available as a file to update then one should update.

Current Files I can supply for CX-30 for North America (USA,Canada, Mex)
CMU_7000C0A-NA01_12002.kwi * NON Turbo Engine. Mazda3 and CX-30 Before July 1st 2021.
CMU_7000C0A-NA04_12002.kwi * TURBO Mazda3 + CX-30 TURBO Before July 1st 2021.
CMU_7000C0A-NA06_12012.kwi * Mazda3 and CX-30 Turbo Built AFTER July 1st 2021 to present also with TCU (Telematics Communication Unit).

Current File I can supply for CX-30 for Europe, Australia, UK, NZ.
CMU_7000C0A-EU01_11000.kwi * Mazda3 and CX-30.

Current File I can supply for GENERAL MARKETS RHD and LHD.

Here is a changelog example from the CX-30 for North America NA01 up to Version NA01_11012

(From Version 7000C0A-NA01_11012 or later)
• A “Loading” pop up message continues and it cannot move to Parking Information screen if there is no parking information around the destination.
(From Version 7000C0A-NA01_11008 or later)
• DTC U3000:49 (CMU internal malfunction) is detected when music play is disturbed by another mobile device application.
• Voice command for artist name or album name is not accepted with error message “Voice Recognition Unavailable. Voice Recognition commands for music are unavailable. There is
no available metadata on this device.”
• The system may reboot when the Wi-Fi services start.
• The system may freeze at the phone call screen if Bluetooth connection has been interrupted when using voice command “Call Time Signal”.
(From Version 7000C0A-NA01_11006 or later)
• [Connected Service is in use] Authorization using One Time Password may fail.
• [While the cursor is shown in the navigation screen after a commander operation] When Talk/Pickup button is pressed and "Go Home" is spoken, the navigation screen is shown but the commander operation is not accepted and the cursor is not shown.
• The 21th title is shown at the top when using Bluetooth audio and scrolling title list to the bottom.
• The system reboots when making a call with voice command. It occurs when making a call to the contact who contains two or more single quotation marks in the phone book downloaded from a mobile phone.
• The system reboots while the disclaimer notice screen is shown.
• [Connected Service is in use] After sending destinations from Send To Car function on MyMazda app several times, the navigation may reboot because of a poor wireless connection.
• The second track on certain CDs will not play. After experiencing this, even with another CD, the track selection and control fail until the ignition is turned off.
• Voice recognition command to select a track may clear the random mode icon while it continues the random mode when using a USB audio device in random play mode,.
• The system reboots when recovering from the sleep mode.
• The parking assist screen continues to display.
• The DTC may not be detected for communication error between CMU and the Telematics communication unit.
• After adding a favorite destination for a road or street without a valid name, it appears as “Unnamed road.” It should be the latitude and the longitude.
• The system may freeze when cranking right after turning the ignition on if the ignition has been turned off showing the navigation screen while playing a USB audio device.
• After SMS messages are received while one of the certain system dialog (such as a disclaimer screen for AndroidAuto or CarPlay) is displayed, it may not be able to move to the communication menu.
• The system may reboot when trying Bluetooth connection using certain mobile device (Doro 7060).
• The system may reboot when using the map function on CarPlay.
• The system may not recognize AndroidAuto after turning the ignition off when using the navigation screen and playing AndroidAuto Music.
• Insufficient storm details may appear when using SiriusXM weather radio.
• The navigation may not show a green dot on the map where there is right/left turn guidance.
• When returning from the detail screen, the focus moves to Add Destination button instead of high way mode area while using navigation and displaying high way mode area. The concern occurs after moving the focus to the high way mode area using split screen button, then to the detail of high way exit.
• The background screen blinks with pop up message "Route Notification" after setting the destination in the country where the navigation map is not applicable.
• Route guidance ends just before the arrival announcement.
• The destination flag disappears just before arriving there.
• [Connected Service is in use] Route guidance may start without waiting for the OK button for SendToCar setting completion.
• The navigation may reboot when receiving big data for SiriusXM weather radar.
• Nothing appear in Turn-by-Turn display area when going off the guided route.
• SiriusXM Fuel price is not shown in colors.
• SiriusXM Weather Radar does not keep display setting for Storm after turning ACC off.
(From Version 7000C0A-NA01_10048 or later)
• The screen turns black if the ignition switch is turned OFF then ON within a few seconds while the opening screen appears.
• The Google Map navigation stops after already being in use when the Android Auto application is launched,
• No warning popup message appears when another destination is added which has to cross a border with "Allow Border Crossing" unchecked.
• A warning popup message appears repeatedly when another destination is added which has to use a car shuttle train with "Allow Car Shuttle Trains" unchecked
• If the "Allow Car Shuttle Trains" setting is changed after the route is set up, the "Allow Ferries" setting changes instead.
• A wrong warning popup message appears as “The destination cannot be reached without using a ferry” when the route is set up which has to use a car shuttle train with "Allow Car Shuttle Trains" unchecked.
• Pressing the Back button leads to the Information screen instead of the previous page while using the In-Vehicle Owner's Manual.
• The Communication Setting screen and the HOME screen may appear to overlap.
(From Version 7000C0A-NA01_10042 or later)
• If the system freezes, it may be followed by a reboot a couple of minutes later.
• The banner message about Bluetooth Audio may not appear when turning it ON.
• An improper message appears when GPS reception is not available.
• The rear view does not appear when the transmission is shifted to reverse right after turning the ignition on.
• The current location does not move after rebooting the navigation.
• The side panel turns black if reroute search occurs while using navigation with media display in the side panel.
• No warning popup message appears when another destination is added which has to use a toll road with "Allow Toll Roads" unchecked.
• No warning popup message appears when another destination is added which has to use a Carpool/HOV Lane with "Allow Carpool/HOV Lanes" unchecked and "Allow Carpool/HOV Lanes" is checked by itself.
• In the Energy Flow Monitor, the graphic blinks during idling.
• The guidance message may not sound when the ignition is turned OFF right after the route setting.
• An abnormal Route Settings menu appears for a moment during reroute search in route setting menu instead of the notification.
• The alphabetical search is not accessible after sorting the history list in the "More Recent Destinations" when driving.
• Road names may not appear in Turn-by-Turn and Route Monitor.
• Street names may not completely appear.
• The complicated Turn-by-Turn icon may appear.
• The same destination may be registered as multiple listings in Favorite Destination if the destination has multiple addresses (ex. large facility like a golf course).
• The keyboard and footer bar may appear to overlap.
• The status bar may appear for a moment when pressing the Back key to move to Travel Information in the Country Information screen.
• Additional registering of a favorite destination may not be accepted after registering a favorite destination right after the MAZDA CONNECT boots up.
• After registering a country (or state/province) other than the current location for a favorite destination, that country may appear in the country field in the Town Selection screen.
• It may take a long time until the free word search (OneBox search) screen appears after selecting the Navigation Menu Search.
• The screen flickers after switching from 3D to 2D on the View Mode screen.
• The Media panel may appear improperly.
• The traffic information for a non-relevant location may appear when a grouped traffic icon is selected on the map when using SiriusXM Traffic Plus.
From Version 7000C0A-NA01_10018 and later)
• The navigation system unexpectedly makes an announcement when the driver unlocks and opens the door, even without touching the START/STOP button.
(From Version 7000C0A-NA01_10017 and later)
• The compass screen may be displayed instead of the map screen after the ignition is turned ON,
• The In-Vehicle Warning Messages screen displays warning comment for "MRCC being not operable" and uses "30 km/h" instead of "20 mph" even when "mile" is selected in the distance setting.
• The sytem may reboot when connecting to a Bluetooth device.
• Destinations may be cleared when the ignition is turned OFF and ON while route guidance is being given.
• [Canada, Mexico] The navigation system unexpectedly announces when the vehicle passes the border to another country.
• The system may reboot when too much information is received using the SiriusXM SportsFlash service.
• [Alaska (U.S.)] Point Of Interest searching may not work properly.
• The system reboots when using Apple CarPlay.
(From Version 7000C0A-NA01_10015 and later)
• The check box for Bluetooth connection may not be accessible after the ignition is turned OFF to ON in a few seconds.
• The device names for USB1 and USB2 may be displayed in the reverse order after the ignition is turned ON.
(From Version 7000C0A-NA01_10014 and later)
• There may be an excess error in the current location on the navigation screen where GPS reception is poor.
• The rear view monitor may turn black or need longer time to display during hot weather.
• The Apple CarPlay icon is left on the screen when the USB cable for an iPhone is disconnected,
• The rear view monitor turns to black when the transmission is shifted into reverse right after the engine is started,
• A guidance message is accompanied by a pop noise when using Apple CarPlay.
• The system reboots when the ignition is turned ON when an iPhone and a USB memory stick are connected
• The system may reboot while the disclaimer notice screen is shown.
• The USB connections may be disrupted when the ignition is turned ON with two USB devices connected and the navigation SD card in the slot.
(From Version 7000C0A-NA01_10012 and later)
• The right most gauge for the last one minute shows the maximum level when the ignition is turned OFF and ON while displaying the Average Fuel Efficiency History.
• The rear view does not appear soon enough when the transmission is shifted into reverse right after the map is displayed the first time.


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To Fix the following TWO Issues..

  • No sound comes out from the speakers.
  • Audio source selection is unavailable.

New Version of Mazda Connect Firmware
7000C0A-EU06 12004.kwi

For MY2022 Mazda CX-30 and Mazda 3 with last 6 digits of VIN starting with 300001~onwards.
SEE above.
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I hope that the forum moderator has vetted the OP as to the validity of this info and the file that he is making available. Is the OP a Mazda employee? How did he come by this file? I would be hestiant to send him a text, and thus providing him with my phone# and even more hestiant to go to some unknown server and download and install a file into my car.

I for one, would just go to my dealer and have them upgrade it...much safer
Sorry, but what are you talking about, and yes I am a moderator staff for same forum owners. I am a former long term Mazda employee both at Distribution and Dealer level. The information I post is readily available to anyone with the means to do so, do you think I make it up, I and others over many years have assisted 1000s of people worldwide.
I don't know what you are talking about sending me a text do you know my phone number have I displayed it?... Oh hang on you think messaging me is by cell phone, no it is a message within this forum.
And yes I agree with you if you don't have the ability to update computers then yes you should pay your Dealer to do so, good luck there as many Dealer never update Connect System.


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Please Message me as I won't post links in my Threads.
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