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Hello. I recently purchased a 2021 Mazda CX-30 and have installed the Mazda brand cross bars. I have a couple of Thule brand bike racks (upright models, if that matters) that unfortunately don't seem to fit, as the bars are too wide. It seems to be that the fit is incredibly close, and that if the "Around the Bar Bracket" piece was just a tad bit longer, I could manage to make the T screws work (perhaps swapping out the shorter with more of the longer) and engage with said brackets. Unfortunately, metal work is beyond my capability.

I've browsed these forums a bit, and it seems I'm not the first one to have issue with the Mazda brand cross bar, as well as the lack of after market options. I was just wondering if anyone found a workable solution to get Thule working on these cross bars and could provide some guidance. Thanks.
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