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My HUD works great, sunny or rainy. You can adjust the brightness.
I am in the US and my HUD does recognize stop signs and changes if it sees a different speed limit sign.

I drive to work 30 miles on Interstate 95, speed limit 70 MPH.
As I enter I-95, 70 MPH shows up on my HUD. Over the last few years my section of I-95 has been expanded.
Part of the expansion created a full lane for the right side shoulder, great if you have to move off the road.
For these shoulders the State has added a speed limit of 40 MPH if on the shoulder.

I generally drive in the middle lane but if I drive in the right lane and pass one of the 40 MPH signs, my HUD will change to 40.

I have to drive by another 70 sign and it will change back to 70.

They say that the US cars do not recognize signs but mine does.

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For those of you that own cx30 with HUD (Premium trim in the US), could you describe what information is shown? I did test drive one that had HUD but it only showed a digital speedometer and maybe something for cruise control. The salesman thought it would also show navigation and speed limits, but the test car didn't have navigation enabled so it defaults to just speedometer.

Does anyone here know what else is shown? Thanks.
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