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Hello Folks,

My '21 CX-30 Premium is my first new (and relatively luxurious) car. Of the 12 vehicles I have owned in my past life, the average model year was 1993, 3 were Subaru wagons, average # of wheels was less than 4, and the majority of cars were 80's coupes. My oldest current vehicle is a 71 H-D XLH 900. Better late than never--despite my respect for the brand's 20th-century heritage--my ownership history had neither Mazda's nor crossovers until now.

Modern automotive styling, equipment, and driving experience all did not suit my budgeted taste; I'm one of the few 26 year-old's who feel this way. It all changed when Mazda debuted its new design language in the 2019 Mazda 3 hatch. It all changed again when the CX-30 followed, and offered Mazda 3 interior, with a more attractive rear, and more practical features & comfort.

I really appreciate the simplistic dashboard (I love the climate control's similarity to a 60's/70's cassette/radio deck) , the intuitive infotainment controls/displays, curvy contours, brown/white leatherette (and the even bolder, elusive black/navy leatherette option), rear passenger climate control vents, quiet cabin, and sporty steering.

The CX-30 is simply fun and huge bang for buck, yet elegant. Even though I do not have the turbo engine or AWD, mine reminds me of older, fun, soft-spoken FWD cars like the Scirocco, CRX/Civic-Hatch, or Volvo C30. I never thought I'd ever say these things about a modern, affordable crossover...but Mazda gladly proved me wrong.

I look forward to learning ownership's best practices, the manufacturing involved in the car, and eventually getting my hands on a factory service manual.




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