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Purchased my premium CX-30 and happy with it thus far. Was toying with the CX-30 versus a Crosstrek but knew I would be settling for a Subaru with Mazda in the back of my mind. I am on the search for a roof rack that looks more aesthetically pleasing than what Mazda has to offer. Anyone know compatible roof racks with the sunroof? Was looking at the Thule Aeroblade and love the less boxy look... Also wondering if anyone has installed an aftermarket full exhaust set up. I don't need turbo but would love an extra couple hp. I do take this on mountain/forest roads if anyone is wondering and she holds up well :) Here are some photos of the beauty !





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Welcome to CX30Talk. Nice car - nice colour.

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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new Mazda. Sorry I can't help with the rack but do a search as I think there is a thread about roof racks on this forum. Happy motoring from Thailand.

P.S. Just saw this tread about racks.
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