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2021 CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus
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Former CX-3 owner here. After driving the same car for 11-12 years (2005 Acura TL) and 213,000 miles, I decided to start leasing so I could get in a new car every few years. Had a 2019 CX-3 that I really liked, but also gave up some of the comforts I loved abut my TL. Luckily, my lease was within 6 months of finishing and the CX-30 Turbo arrived. I went out to test drive one in January, but they did not have a color I liked (it was White on white), so we looked for one all over the Northeast and came up short. Fast forward a couple more weeks and I get a text from my sales guy who says they randomly got a Premier Plus in Polymetal Gray. Went to drive it that morning and took it home that evening. Now, I know this is not a "luxury" car per se, but they really put a LOT of nice/premium things in this. Wireless phone charger, bezel-less mirror, the beautiful console displays, the quieter ride, the WHOPPING engine. I am REALLY enjoying this car.

Happy to be here for at least the next 30-36 months!

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Welcome to CX30Talk. It's a lovely colour combination. Just wish the Turbo was an option here in the UK.

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