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New member and proud owner of a 2020 CX-30 GT, Deep Crystal Blue Mica exterior, Black/Brown Leather interior. Replaces previous 2016 CX-3 GT.
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hello, what are your intial thoughts of the cx30.. had ours 4 weeks and can't fault it..
Early days, but so far impressed. Just that bit larger than the CX-3 but noticeably smaller than the CX-5. Much improved comfort and ride quality. Very pleased with the purchase so far.
we have had 2 x mazda2 and a cx3, but the cx30 is another level..
Agreed. Also, the new Mazda infotainment is much improved over the previous generations.
welcome to the forum from another Canadian. Where in Canada?

My son-in-law just recently purchased a 2019 CX-3 GS FWD in black. I looked at the CX-3 back in 2016 but dismissed it as the back seat room was terrible and same with the cargo area, also no front center armrest, After checking out various other vehicles I stuck to the Soul and got another one.
Kitchener/Waterloo. Yes, the CX-3 is small. Originally purchased the CX-3 as a first car for my daughter. We added the optional center armrest when we purchased because as you say, there wasn't one:). The CX-3 is a good car if you don't need a lot of space and for busy downtowns too. Ours was reliable for the entire time we had it and the AWD was good in the ice and snow along with a set of winter tires. Hope your son-in-law has as good of an experience as we did.
Welcome to the forum MAZMan! Have you had a chance to really use the CX-30's AWD yet? I'm curious to hear about how it performs.
Hello Wayne43 and thanks for the welcome. I just took delivery yesterday so with the exception of a light dusting of snow and some ice yesterday and overnight I haven't had a real chance to test the AWD. There is some snow forecast for Saturday so hopefully I will get the chance to see how it handles and will report back.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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