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I picked up my Evolve (one up from the base model in Australia) yesterday. I had to drive to the city (80 klms) to drop off my trade (2015 Honda HRV) and pick up my new car. I must say it was a stressful drive home. I was on edge waiting for lights and sounds of my new 'smart' car. Half way home I drove through a torrential downpour and was almost driving blind for 10 minutes or so. Then I was passed by big trucks (semis or lorries) who splashed road grim on my nice Snowflake white car!

I've been watching heaps of Youtube videos on the features of my CX30 trying to get a handle of everything it has to offer. Obviously still early days but so far my only disappointment is the rear vision via the back window. I've have to say my HRV was way better. Also not sure about the vision from side mirrors but I'm sure I will get used to them.

I have a question that perhaps has already been asked and answered but here goes. I paid a bunch of money to have my Honda paint and upholstery protected. I'm not sure it made a difference. I'm thinking about a DIY option for the upholstery (black fabric). I thought I would just Scotchguard the seats ( I assume Scotchguart is an international product). What have others done to protect their fabric seats?

Lastly, this is just an observation and again someone has probably already pointed this out but don't you think the front of the car looks like an 'angry bird'?

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