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2020 Soul Red CX-30 SP
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As part of my efforts to add an underseat powered subwoofer, I needed to find a connection for my remote turn-on wire. As I mentioned in another post, my Thailand assembled model has a cigarette socket in the center storage bin that goes on and off with the car (I recognize that models in other countries vary). As such, I wanted to tap the 12v line for that socket. I found that it is quite straightforward to access the back of the panel that contains the USB, SD card slot and 12V socket.

1. Lift the center armrest and then remove the plastic cover that sits below the center console by pulling it up and back. Here's a picture of the piece and the clips on the back and how the console looks with it removed. As a side note, I discoved that thet wrapped trim (see arrows) that surrounds the storage bin outwards is connected with clips and simply pops out. I don't think it's really necessary to pull it away in order to remove the plastic cover, but this may be helpful info to someone trying to remove that trim piece.


2. Pull the panel that holds the USB, SD and socket backwards. It pops out pretty easily, but be careful as you are obviously pulling on the wiring harnesses that connect these items.


3) On the back of the 12v socket, there's a gray wiring harness with a blue clip around it. The blue clip has to be removed before the harness can be pulled out of the socket. It just kind of snaps around the gray harness and is easy to remove.


4. There are blue and black wires on the harness. I used a multimeter to check which one is live and as you might have guess, the blue wire carries the 12V signal. I also re-confirmed that for my car, the power goes and and off with the car.


5. For my purpose, I spliced the blue wire with my remote turn-on wire, soldered the connection and taped everything up with electrical tape. Tested the remote wire for continuity before putting everything back together. The only "oh crap" moment of this project was when I was stripping the blue wire with a utility blade and slightly nicked the wrapped trim. 🤬 It's tiny and nobody else would likely notice but I'm going to see it every time I get in the car. It's right on the edge that gets covered by the plastic cover, so I may at some point in the future try to remove the whole trim piece and then pull and reglue the vinyl so that the nick is fully covered by the cover.

Anyway, I hope this info proves useful for someone. At the time of this writing (April 2020) the CX-30 (and the similar Mazda 3) is so new that I can't find a lot of "how-to" guides on the various forums out there. In a separate post, I'll share how I managed to find input signals for my powered subwoofer.
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