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I am 71 and between my wife and I we have had 8 Mazdas mostly twos but with an MX5, and MX5RF and a 6. My son has a 6 Estate. I have had very lilltle trouble with them at all and would recommend Mazda to anyone. I cycle a little and walk as often as I can covid permitting.

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@Old Steve - Welcome to the forum. So what car(s) do you drive at the moment?

Please take a moment and update your profile. This helps you if you ask questions about your car and helps others know what car you have so they can give you the best answer. Complete your profile like this:
  1. Go to top right, click on your avatar then click on Account Settings
  2. Then in Location field, enter your ‘Location’ (The town and country you live in).
  3. In Vehicle Details: enter your CX-30 model, engine and year.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Save
I've dropped you a private message with some introductory guidelines to the forum. I hope they help you get started with getting around the forum.

Above all - enjoy yourself.

Martin (Administrator)
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