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Here's an update with some fishing rod holders and wind deflector on the rack (absolutely necessary if you have the moon roof and stuff mounted on the bars - they get noisy). The 40" wind deflector fits perfect. I also have some j bars to carry my 10" 70lb fishing kayak but I have not hauled the kayak on this car yet. My biggest issue is that these stock bars are narrower than the body of the car, which means I can't prop the kayak up on one end and push the rest up on top. I'm still working out logistics with how to load the kayak by myself without risking any damage. I would say if you're planning on hauling a kayak on top go with wider aftermarket cross bars.

I also got some nice little storage accessories all from Amazon. The center console organizer fits like a glove and they're cheap, shipped from China though so it took a while.
1 - 20 of 37 Posts