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I was driving down the highway, blaring some Rufus Du Sol, no other cars in sight and for a moment there I was transported to the concert.

The base stereo (not Bose) is pretty good! It's helped by how quiet the Mazda is too.

The stereo was literally the first thing I tried in the car even before test driving it. I wanted to know if I can live without having to upgrade to the top of the range model with the Bose stereo. And it turns out I could. I haven't heard the Bose, but I'm happy in my ignorance.

I once had a custom stereo in a Suzuki with 2 amplifiers and 2 X 12 inch sub woofers in a box that took up my boot. I'm kinda over the hassle of a custom stereo, for the last few cars I wanted to make sure that their stereos are up to the job.

My Mazda 3 2010 model has the Bose stereo and it was good enough but I remember thinking it sounded a little cardboardy and hollow.

Maybe one day I'll upgrade the speakers if there are is an easy way and the audio installers have had some experience with the CX30s. But for now I'm very happy.
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