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Oh for sure, I don't think the CX-3 is going to last much longer in all honesty.
15 march 2021 CX3 and the CX30
I owned a CX3 for three years so there is not very much I dont know about the car.
So what has 3 years got to do with it ? .
Every day we all change as age oe progressive.
Well let me tell you this ,the day you buy that car, can you say will it be ok or better still viable in three years?
This is where you personal age comes in, for us three years ago the CX3 was just perfect and to those who question the car don't do it, the car is solid as a brick and does not take all day to get to the Bank either.
However as people get older their bones start to hurt , not as easy geting out after a long drive .
I ask why do seniors buy small cars, beats me !
"lessons taught lessons learned".
Enter stage right , here comes the CX30 a great car
Guess what ? and no one car will satisfy every one.
I am going to mis my CX3 a fantastic "Bullet train ".

2020 CX-30 Skyactiv-X MHEV GT Sport Tech
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I used when I was looking.

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