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The plastics are all soft touch and the rest is leather. The interior is right up there with German manufactures in terms of quality.
Over the years i have seen many drastic changes in the quality build of cars .

I have owned some boxie battle tanks in the past, then we all wanted european cars.

The attraction today are many croud pleasing electronic toys.

We all know "the more we have to more we have to go wriong".

Go to the race track all you get is a steering wheel and a very big engine, after all that is all you need.

One dealer told me that todays cars are "throw away cars " that may be true of some cars but not all.

We have to realize the cars do wear out or the style or fashion in cars wears out.

Change in design is now tempting people to want the very latest right down to leather coated steering wheels and fancy paint jobs including fat tires together with back up camera and the obsession over gas milage if you want that, buy an upholstered roler skate.

May I ask what type of driver are we seeing on the road these days.

Not all cars are the very latest, that is where name brand and buyers image come in to play.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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