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After having the fuel door replaced due to the TSB I reported end of January the car was also updated at the time due to the battery charging (or discharging) issue. My wife’s car is a daily driver so she’s not had battery issues. Today, she gets a text from the dealer advising that the car needs a further 3 updates / replacements. One was to do with the boot struts sagging, one to do with the speakers (?) and she couldn’t remember the last one. Anyone else received a message from their dealer regarding these?

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Yes - there have been many threads about this.

My own, for example:

This one:

More (specifically about the background)

The third one of those updates covers three items in one:
  • Battery Drain issue with the climate control system
  • Making the active cruise control smoother (particularly with braking)
  • Update to the security system to ensure the anti-theft system operates as it should.
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