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New owner, questions about buttons and options

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1) I was looking at some tests and reviews online for the CX30 and noticed that I don't have the Off-road Traction Assist button on the cluster, instead I have the TCS Off button.
you can see here the button and operation.
I looked at the dash and It appears that I have the Traction Assist icon there but for sure I cannot make it to light up since I don't have the button.
I'm not sure if the TCS button has the same functionality? It would be a bummer if not, since it seems pretty useful if finding yourself in a more difficult situation.
2) Also, it appears the infotaiment system in the US also gets the Wi fi functionality and Mazda connected services. I don't have the option to connect through Wi fi in my car.
This would have been cool as it probably allows to use the new Android Auto Wireless feature and also update the software over the air without needing to go to the dealership.
And finally this is not a difference, but something that doesn't work as it should. The compass function that shows up in the center digital cluster, above the average fuel consumption, it doesn't work, it should show the N,S,W,E heading.
Any thoughts if these differences exist because of the different locations this car is sold in?
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Differences like this from one market to another are very common. Unfortunately the only way of finding out what the exact differences are is with inspecting build sheets, something I haven't done yet but might soon with Canadian and U.S. spec CX-30's.
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