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PAST OWNER OF A AWD 2020 GT CX-30 ceramic coated-curently have a 100th Anniversary edition mazda 3
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had to trade in 2016 mx5,coulden`t fit oxygen concentrator with two people
so went with the cx 30, what a wonderful vehicle only have 300 miles on it and love every one.
the miata was the pearl red so had to go with that on cx 30
welcome ! glad you are enjoying the CX-30 I have had mine for one year and have 10563.31 miles on mine and its been great! I live in a very cold climate when it is winter and we get allot of snow as well and the AWD system is like no other system that i have had in a vehicle before its so good.. never have wheel slip works exactly how its designed.
enjoy your new CX-30 and stay safe in these crazy times.

2020 CX-30 Skyactiv-X MHEV GT Sport Tech
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