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Hi Guys

Just joined the forum as I'm going to be changing my car next spring and am considering a CX-30 AWD auto. My current car is a 2016 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid AWD but we don't need anything quite so big so I thought I would look at something a bit smaller. I really like the look of the CX-30 and I have been looking at the the owner's manual online. Although there is a lot of information in it there is the chance that not everything is relevant to the UK so I'm hoping that some of you may be able to answer a few questions.

Keyless entry: With my Toyota there is a procedure to turn off the key fob for security, does the CX-30 have a similar procedure?
Electronic Parking Brake: When I park my car in the garage I leave the handbrake (parking brake) off, is there a procedure to leave the parking brake off if required?
Sat Nav: Can it be linked to a mobile phone to use data to update the route if there are delays?
Head Up Display: Can this be disabled?

I have done some checking and I have found some suppliers of temporary spare wheel kits, does the spare wheel well just have an insert with a repair kit so it's easy to empty?

Sorry for all the questions and grateful for any help. I don't want to arrange for a test drive until nearer the time I'm going to change.
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