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Regular Gas or Premium Gas for CX-30 Premium

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Hi Experts,
  • any advice on what type of gas to put in my Mazda CX-30 Premium Trim (87,91,93)
  • don’t want to unnecessarily waste money by putting Premium gas (if it makes no difference in the long run)
  • also amongst the gas companies, any recommendations which one are the better one’s (I see the regular gas in some pumps say contains 10% ethanol, while others don’t say this)
  • Options available near our home: Costco, Sunoco, gulf, bp, shell, speedway
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what does it tell you in your owners manual?
Couldn’t find any mention of which type of gas to use, hence thought of asking the experts here
Mazda lists Regular Unleaded on their website for all CX-30 trims.
So you should be good with Regular 87 octane (US).

2020 Mazda CX-30 - Specs & Features | Mazda USA
Couldn’t find any mention of which type of gas to use, hence thought of asking the experts here
don't have a copy of the US owners manual but have the Canadian one so I presume it should be very similar, and found this on page 3-28 under "Fuel and Emission" (looked up "Fuel" in the index)

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87 regular unless you are in a really hot environment where engine detonation is prone to happen, then higher grade.
I'm not a fan of just meeting the bare minimum engine requirements, so I opted for SHELL 89/Silver grade octane in my Corolla SE TNG 2.0L direct+port injection engine for the 2.5 years that I owned/drove it. Never had any issues with that out here in the scorching/dry southern Arizona climate, so will likely try the same approach with my CX-30 CE Skyactiv 2.5L non-turbo GDI engine. Plus, I only drive 3000-3500 miles per year these days, so the cost increase is pretty miniscule going from 87 to 89 grade. I also plan to keep this vehicle for a pretty long time (6+ years) if it proves reliable & free of major problems.
Fuel grade does make a difference in horsepower and torque, but only on the turbo I believe.
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