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2021 Mazda CX-30 AWD Turbo Premiun, Soul Red
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My 21 CX-30 came with the chrome roof rails.
Bought a black roof rail kit on Ebay.
Replaced the chrome rails with the black rails, looks so much better in my humble opinion.
Easy swap but took so time so as not to scratch my roof.
The black rail Ebay kit looks exactly like my chrome OEM ones.
When I took the chrome ones off, the black ones fit over the OEM hardware but the screw holes to attach the rails to the mounting blocks did not quite line up.
When I compared the mounting blocks with the kit to the OEM ones, the new ones were about 1/8" shorter.
Not a problems as there is only one bolt holding the 3 mounting blocks on each side.
Removed the OEM blocks, added the new blocks and the holes were aligned.
The bolt kit with my new black rails used stainless steel bolts as opposed to the OEM kit.
Very pleased with fit, finsih and great looks.

Now I do have an OEM chrome roof rail kit that anyone can have for the cost of shipping.

I put the chrome ones into the box my black ones came in.

PM me if you want the chrome ones and give me you zip code so I can get an estimate on the shipping and confirm you still want them.
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