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It looks like the CX-30 will likely be built in Mexico at their Salamanca plant in Guanajuato. This makes a lot of sense since the Mazda3 is also made at the same plant.

According to Automotive News Mexico, an announcement from Mazda could be made in September. They spoke with Mazda Mexico director Miguel Barbeyto and he said that it will be sold in all world markets.

"This was the first Mazda plant outside of Japan and is strategic because it has commercial agreements with 45 countries and a suitable location to send vehicles to Central and South America, Europe, the United States and Canada," said Miguel Barbeyto, director of Mazda Mexico, in an interview with Automotive News México.

The Mazda plant has the capacity to produce 140,000 units and in its first stage it assembled the Mazda 2 hatchback and Mazda 3 sedan and hatchback models, in addition to the Toyota Yaris-R, built on the same Mazda 2 platform. Last year it also started the production of the Mazda 2 sedan.

But after the renewal of the Mazda 3, at the end of 2018, the Japanese manufacturer decided to move the assembly of the hatchback body to a plant in Japan, to open space for CX-30.

"This new model will be sold in all world markets including Mexico," said Barbeyto.
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