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was it a good deal for my CX-30 ?

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Last month I traded my 2018 CX-5 GS model, (65000KM mileage) at value 25500CAD for 2022 CX-30, GX model (the
beggar model, MRSP 27000CAD)...

My 2018 CX-5 like 95% brand new, no any scratch on body, I did every year anti-rust at Krown, the leather seats were fully protected by covers, I really like this car want to keep it further, but dealership persuaded me to trade it in for a new 2022 CX-30 car, I don't know if it was a trap for me
Was it a good deal for me ???
Thank you !
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You did okay, it's not like you had to pay that much more. You got a new car and there are probably amenities that were not present in the old CX-5 like android auto.
The only disadvantage is if you don't like how the CX-30 drives compared to the CX-5, but that would be your responsibility to test drive it thoroughly.

I personally got the CX-30 because it has better corner handling and smaller than the CX-5.
I wasn't planning on buying a car right there and then but you know these dealers "What can I do to get you into this car?" I was looking at a 2021 CX-30. I took it for a test drive, looked brand new (it was used) but all and all the dealer gave me a great deal. It was the low-end model with 6K miles, which I didn't care about, and it was going for $27K but we managed to work out some numbers and got it down to $23K. This was in December so I know they wanted to get the 2021's out and bring in the new models so that's why I got it down that low.
You got a great deal. In some ways, I wished I could've gotten the 2022 model but I'm really happy with my midnight blue model.
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The old saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" applies to you question.
If you are satisfied with the deal, then it was great.
Others may not like the deal but who cares, as long as you are happy, great deal.
The CX-30 is a great car but so is the CX-5.
Enjoy your new car!
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